New to Importing?

So what’s the process? We’ve set it out simply for you:

Your Chosen Product Overseas

(Check with us to ensure there are no special requirements before departure, such as fumigation or import permits.)


You (Importer) or Your Supplier Arranges Shipping to Australia

(Instruct your supplier/freight forwarder to notify the shipping line to add Chilvers Customs as the “notify party”. This will ensure that we are notified with arrival notices and port charges payable.)


Once you receive shipping documents, forward to Chilvers Customs for customs clearance


Chilvers Customs process the customs entry and any quarantine that may be required


Once customs entry is processed, Chilvers Customs will invoice you for import GST, customs duty and port charges

(Payment for these amounts are required before customs allow shipments to be released.)


Shipment is clear and delivered

This is a simple example of the process of a seafreight shipment, call us to discuss your specific shipment.