Could we save you $30K too?

Don’t Overpay on Customs Duty!

An importing business engaged our services to conduct an audit on their current imports, initially with another customs broker/freight forwarder.

Upon inspecting a few of their recent shipments, there was enough evidence to show they were incorrectly and unnecessarily paying customs duty on certain imported items. This duty over-payment occurred simply because not enough time and care had been taken when classifying the products into the correct categories.  Our staff are trained to be thorough and precise, so you don’t pay more than you need to in customs duty.

Our customs broker then performed a full audit with a fine tooth comb on all shipments going back four years and was able to lodge a refund to the company totalling over $30,000.  Not surprisingly, this made for a very happy customer who now trusts Chilvers Customs to co-ordinate all his shipments.

Would you like us to conduct an audit on your imports to ensure you’re not overpaying customs duty unnecessarily? Call us to discuss our auditing service for your business.


If you’re already an importer, let us review some of your previous shipments and provide you with a FREE introductory shipping health check.

We can then clearly show you whether or not you are overpaying duty.

Upload your commercial invoice, bill of lading and customs entry for approximately 3 of your previous shipments.
If, during your FREE introductory shipping health check we find evidence you have been overpaying duty, we can then discuss performing a full audit on all of your shipments over the past four years.


If your FREE introductory shipping health check identifies you have been paying the correct amount of duty, you will have peace of mind your current broker is doing the right thing by you!